Did you Know??? (Facts about Scourge Heroes)

This post will provide you with eXtra information on scourge heroes.

[Berserker's Call]
  It will not affect units held in Rhasta's Shackles.  
  It's possible to avoid attacking Axe by spamming the Stop command, but Counter Helix will trigger nonetheless.
  Berserker's Call also hits nearby spell immune units.
[Counter Helix]
  Triggers maximum once in 0.6 secs.
  Deals normal damage which can be reduced by armour n stout.
[Culling Blade]
  The skill can target and kill spell immune units.
  ONLY Faerie Dragon's Phase Shift on Autocast can prevent death from Culling Blade.

  Decreases damage based on target's base damage + Primary Attribute, meaning items that grant raw damage like Broadsword won't be affected by this spell.  
  The debuff can be removed by Purge.
  The negative regeneration can lead to a suicide. :D
[Brain Sap]
  This skill triggers Linken's Sphere's cooldown but it would still take effect.
  Brain Sap deals Pure damage which is not reduced by anything. 
  When you cast Nightmare on a target, you deal 5 damage. The target goes to sleep and is invulnurable for 1 second. On the FIRST damage tick, if the target already has less than or equal to 20 HP, Nightmare is removed (The target wakes up and lives). Else, the target will lose 20 HP per tick (unreduced) until they have 20 hp or less. Then Nightmare will deal 50 magical damage, which is reduced by Spell Resistance. You can deny yourself or your ally using this spell.  
  The disable can be removed by Purge.
[Fiend's Grip]
  Can be used to deny yourself.
  Spell immunity prevents damage but the target still gets disabled.

  Can be removed by purge.
[Blood Thirst]
  Invisible enemies get tracked in the minimap.
  Deals pure damage.
Deals max. 200 damage in every 0.25 secs of its duration=> teleporting/blinking far away still deals 200 damage.
Blocked by spell immunity.

 Bone Clinkz
[Wind Walk]
  0.6 sec fade time.
  Does not cancel channeling => can use while teleporting.

[Spawn Spinderlings]
  If the affected target is killed inside 0.9 sec duration of the skill, spinderlings are born.
[Spin Web]
  Broodmother is revealed while silenced.
  fade time of 2 secs. reveal time of 1.5 secs.
[Incapacitating Bite]
  Triggers Linken's cooldown.
[Insatiable Hunger]
  Can be removed by purge.

[Meat Hook]
  Deals normal damage
  Ministuns hooked enemy units => can hook channeling ally without interrupting.
  Pudge can hook invulnerable enemies.
[Flesh Heap]
  -fleshstr command can be used to check strength bonus via this skill.

 Chaos Knight
[Blink Strike]
  Deals normal damage.
  Dispels purgeable buffs.
  0.5 sec invulnerability.

 Dark Seer
  has a mini stun
  removed by purge
[Wall of replica]
  blocked by linkens and spell immunity.

 Death Prophet
[Carrion Swarm]
  Range is 700
  Removed by purge
  Movespeed of spirits is 500.
  Spirits heal prophet 25% of the total damage they dealt. Cap of 1000 damage.

 Demon Witch
  This skill's effects are not blocked by Linken's Sphere but triggers its cooldown if Impale was directly cast on the target.
  Can be purged.
  Instantly kills illusions.
[Mana Drain]
  800 AoE

 Doom Bringer
  Deals 20 damage per second and can target spell immune units.
  Lucifer can devour up to a certain level of creep depending on his Devour level:
     Level 1: Can Devour level 1 creeps
     Level 2: Can Devour level 2 and below creeps
     Level 3: Can Devour level 4 and below creeps
     Level 4: Can Devour level 6 and below creeps
[Scorched Earth]
  Lucifer controlled units also gain the bonus.
[LVL? Death]
  Mixed type damage (reduced by both spell resistance/armour)
  has a ministun.
  Doom's silence not only renders the target unit unable to cast spells, but it also disables them from using any items and also disables most of their passive skills or spells (i.e. Evasion, Bash, etc)
  Damage goes through spell immunity.
  Will be writing a separate post on doom.

 Faceless Void
  Void is invulnerable while traveling.
  Darkterror heals the damage to be taken before the damage is deducted from his current HP.
  Void controlled units are unaffected by chronosphere.
  Animal Couriers, Flying Couriers, Shadow Shaman's Serpent Wards, etc. can also move inside Chronosphere freely.

  Also hits spell immune units.
  Earthbinded units are unable to move but can cast spells.
  The damage and slow is not blocked by spell immunity but damage is decreased by spell resistance.
[Divided we stand]
  Clones get 25% extra stats than the original meepo.

[Chain Lightning]
  The damage decreases by 15% each bounce.
[Mana Shield]
  Does not stop channeling
  Does not reduce damage from fury swipes.
  Will discuss it in a separate post.

  Will discuss in a separate post.

[Frost Nova]
  Slows movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 20%.
[Frost Armour]
  Slows melee enemy movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 20%.
[Dark Ritual]
  Denied units do not give any experience.
[Chain Frost]
  Slows movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 20%.
  Ministuns the first target (even if spell immune).
  Technically, the frost orb does not bounce from unit to unit, but from unit to unit location. That is, on each bounce, the orb is launched from right where the previous unit is, but it does not follow the target. Instead, it simply travels to the point where the target unit is when the orb is launched, and Frost Novas the target unit when it reaches the location, regardless of where the target unit actually is.
  Chain Frost needs sight of the target to bounce to it, so casting it into fog of war isn't a good idea.

Deals normal damage
Not blocked by spell immunity.
[Open Wounds]
The percentage given in the tooltips is the lifesteal percentage, not the slow.
Open Wounds will stun the enemy for 1 sec, 70% slow for 1 sec, 60% slow for 1 sec, 50% slow for 1 sec, 30% slow for 1 sec, and 10% slow for 3 seconds. (8 seconds in total)
Casting nukes or other damaging spells on the target will also regenerate your HP.

Lightning Revenant
[Chain Lightning]
The damage decreses by 15% each bounce.
[Storm Seeker]
Deals damage every 3.25 secs.
Stops channeling when leveled.

Lord of Avernus
[Death Coil]
Can use it to deny himself.
Lasts 2 secs on enemy and 4.5 secs on allies.
[Borrowed Time]
Borrowed Time uses a 0.01 second Wind Walk to dodge any projectiles currently en route to Abaddon. This also causes any queued attack or spell commands on Abaddon from enemy heroes to be canceled.

Activating this skill decreases lycan’s base attack time from 1.7 to 1.4 => increased attack speed.

Removed by purge
[Mighty Swing]
Cleave damage is unreduced by armour/spell resistance.
[Reverse Polarity]
Magic immune units get stunned but not damaged.

[Grave Chill]
Removed by purge.

[Diffusion Aura]
Does not work on raw damage items.
[Reaper’s Scythe]
The stun is blocked by Linken's Sphere but the damage is still dealt to the target.
Reaper's Scythe damage is blocked by Spell Immunity but not the stun.

Nerubian Assassin
[Spiked Caraprace]
Deals magical damage.
Deals Normal Damage.
Does not cancel channeling spells.

Nerubian Weaver
Does not cancel channeling
Increases ms by 1000%
Enemy units that are debuffed by Shukuchi will not be hit/affected by an allied Poison Nova.
[Geminate Attack]
When one of your attacks deals a Bash or a Critical hit, this skill will not take effect on that attack.
Nerubian Weaver must order an "Attack" command for this skill to take effect. This skill will not take effect when auto-attacking.

[Poison Attack]
The poison damage can’t kill units.

Night Stalker
His vision is 1200/1800 i.e. more at night.
Has a mini-stun.
Slow can be purged.
If cast at nighttime, also slows the target's ms by 50% and IAS by 35%.
[Crippling Fear]
Crippling Fear, if cast at daytime, causes 10% of the target's attacks to miss and also silences for 3 seconds at all levels.

If a decrepified unit is hit with Normal damage, Mixed damage or Pure damage, it will take no damage. Examples of normal damage are Juggernaut's Omnislash and the killing blow from Axe's Culling Blade. Examples of pure damage are Tinker's Laser and Bane Elemental's Brain Sap.
[Nether Ward]
Nether Ward's Mana Flare can only hit spell-casting units once every 0.75 seconds.
[Life Drain]
800 range
Reduced by spell resistance.

Obsidian Destroyer
[Arcane Orb]
Calculated after subtracting the mana cost.
Deals pure damage.
[Astral Imprisonment]
You cannot target an ally hero if he turned on –disablehelp.
This skill triggers Linken's Sphere's cooldown but the effect is not blocked.
[Sanity’s Eclipse]
Enemies who take less than 100/300/500 damage at level 1/2/3 lose 75% of their remaining mana.

Phantom Assassin
[Stifling Dagger]
The slow can be removed by Purge.
This skill triggers Linken's Sphere's cooldown but it would still take effect.
[Blink Strike]
Deals normal damage.
Unlike Blink, you cannot use this skill to evade incoming projectiles from attacks or spells.

Pit Lord
[Pit of Malice]
Disables all units in the AoE regardless of Spell Immunity.
Ensnared units are still able to attack and cast spells, only their movement is disabled (they cannot use Blink while ensnared)
[Dark Rift]
All allies inside a 275 AoE around Pit Lord will also be teleported.

Queen of Pain
[Shadow Strike]
Slows initially by 20/30/40/50% depending on the skill level, unlike Venomancer's Shadow Strike, which always has an initial slow of 50%.
If you used Blink to teleport to a distance over the maximum range, you’ll be teleported 4/5 of the maximum range instead.
Blink has a 200 minimum casting range.
[Scream of Pain]
Does not hit units inflicted with Decrepify.
Has a cap of 9999 total damage.
[Sonic Wave]
Has a cap of 9000 total damage.
Sonic Wave starts with 100 AoE, travels 800 units and ends with 300 AoE.

Sand King
If you target the enemy hero who has a Linken's Sphere, it would trigger Linken's Sphere's cooldown but Burrowstrike would still take effect. If he is not targeted, it would not trigger Linken's Sphere's cooldown.
[Sand Storm]
If you use this skill while having Spell Immunity, you will not get the invisibility.
The invisibility can be purged.
[Caustic Finale]
The unit killed by Caustic Finale leaves no corpse behind.

Shadow Fiend
[Requiem of Souls]
For every two souls captured by Necromastery (Stores max of 30), one line is created in his ultimate, for a maximum of 15 lines. They are shot out uniformly from Nevermore, with the first line extending directly to the East of Nevermore; in other words, the angle between each line is given by 360 degrees / # of lines. Enemy units close to Nevermore suffer much more damage from Requiem of Souls than units far away.
It is possible to cause an enemy to take damage from every single line with the help of Lothar's Edge, which has an active Wind Walk that removes collision. Wind Walking so that Nevermore's model and the enemy's model overlap will cause the lines to spawn on top of both units, with every single one dealing damage to the hapless enemy.

Shadow Priest
[Poison Touch]
Has a ministun.
Stuns the enemy for 1 second at level 3 and 4 after the second slow's duration ends.
Deals normal damage.
[Shallow Grave]
A hero with Shallow Grave will go no lower than 2hp during the effects of Shallow Grave no matter what the source of damage. The hero will still be affected by slows and disables.
[Shadow Wave]
Deals normal damage.
This skill is not blocked by Linken's Sphere but triggers its cooldown.

Skeleton King
Nothing special

Slithereen Guard
Bash deals magical damage.
Amplify Damage can be purged.

Soul Keeper
Using Manta Style while in Metamorphosis will cancel Metamorphosis and make images of the original form unless shift-queued.
Increases base attack damage by 5 while in Metamorphosis.
Sets Base Hp Regeneration to 3.
This skill has a ministun.
This skill can also be used to swap Hit Points with your images.
The skill can target Spell Immune units. If the target is Spell Immune but Terrorblade is not, then the target's HP will not be changed, but Terrorblade's HP will. If the target is not Spell Immune but Terrorblade is, then the target's HP will be changed, but Terrorblade's HP will not. If both the target and Terrorblade are Spell Immune, the spell will proceed with no effect.

[Spectral Dagger]
As long as Spectre got the buff and is on unpassable terrain, dropable items on death like Gem and Divine Rapier will be simply lost on death (removed from inventory, not dropped on ground) and Aegis of the Immortal won't trigger. If spectre got the buff and is on passable terrain the items work normally.
The buff on Spectre disappears after you leave its AoE for 4 seconds. The debuff on enemies lasts for 7 seconds.
If the attacked enemy unit has an ally within a 400 AoE, Desolate will not take effect.
Deals pure damage.
Illusions have base ms of 400.

[Charge of Darkness]
Every four seconds while 'charging', Barathrum's speed increases, maxing out after 12 seconds.
When Barathrum casts Charge of Darkness, he gains shared vision and truesight of the target.
The visual effect on the 'charged' target will only applied to allies.
This skill triggers Linken's Sphere's cooldown but it's effect still continues.
[Empowering Haste]
Deals normal damage and triggers at the start of barathrum’s attack completely independent from the main attack.
Activates at most once every 0.3 secs.
Works on illusions.
[Greater Bash]
Triggers at the start of Barathrum's attack and is completely independent from the main attack.
Activates at most once every 1.5 seconds.
[Nether Strike]
Barathrum teleports to the target 1 second after casting
Barathrum always teleports to the opposite side of the target from where he is when he casts the spell.
This skill triggers Linken's Sphere's cooldown but it's effect still continues.

Slows movement speed by 40% at all levels.
[Kraken Shell]
When Kraken Shell is leveled, a timer is placed. Every 11/10/9/8 seconds it will remove all negative buffs on Tidehunter. This includes Stun, Hex, Shadow Strike, Frost, Entangle, Doom, Venomancer's Poison Nova, Bane Elemental's Fiend's Grip / Nightmare, Cyclone, etc.
Kraken Shell does not prevent damage from towers, Magical damage like Lich's Frost Nova and Pure damage like Tinker's Laser.
Does not stack with stout shield/ vanguard.
Does not go through magic immunity.

Tormented Soul
[Split Earth]
0.35 sec impact delay.
[Diabolic Edict]
Also deals damage to invisible heroes, towers and buildings.
Has a 0.25 second explosion interval.
Diabolic Edict deals Mixed damage.
[Lightning Storm]
Damage does not decrease with bounce.

Extra damage from plague is unreduced.

Shadow Strike slows the affected unit by 50% of it’s movespeed at all levels.
Poison sting cannot kill units.
Units affected with the Shukuchi buff will not be affected by Poison Nova since the damage is based from the same skill (Phoenix Fire).
Poison Nova cannot kill units.

The damage from rain of chaos is blocked by Spell Immunity but they would still be stunned.

Witch Doctor
Will be discussed in a separate post.


  1. @above

    He's in the list by the name Spiritbreaker. :)

  2. you can tp on Undying's tombstone.. your illusions wont die when attacked by roshan, by pressing M ( move ) then clicking on roshan. Omniknight doesn't receives damage on rupture with his 2nd skill on.

  3. you can walk through serpent wards by using phase boots..

  4. is this outdated... in 6.72e using manta style can't cancel metamorphosis.. I can have 5 metamorphosis illusions in all

  5. @above
    Yeah. I stopped updating this blog loong ago. :)

  6. did u know doom and beastmaster ulti can spell on courier??