Broodmother's Web

So what do webs do? They grant Broodmother invisibility in an area, regeneration, sight, as well as a passive movespeed increase.
- How much increase?
lvl 1: +2 HP regeneration per second. +20% movespeed.
lvl 2: +4 HP regeneration per second. +23% movespeed
lvl 3: +6 HP regeneration per second. +26% movespeed
lvl 4: +8 HP regeneration per second. +29% movespeed

Broodmother loses invisibility when silenced.

- A trigger checks every 1.5 seconds if Broodmother is under a web. If she is, she's given Permanent Invisibility with a fade time of 2 seconds. If she is not, then she loses the invisibility. This means the actual fade time of brood can be anything varying from 2 secs. to 3.5 secs. when you enter the web.

- The Area of Effect of web is 370 (from it's centre).

- The Web has a sight range (normal vision) of 150 during both day and night. (Not true sight)
- Can destroy trees. (Everyone knows about it)

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