Hero - Kills, Deaths & Resurrection

Hero Bounty

The formula used to calculate how much gold is earned for each enemy kill:

200 + 5*lvl + 50*(streak - 2)

where "streak" starts at 3 kills in a row (Killing Spree), ending at Beyond Godlike (counted as 10, no matter how many kills in a row the hero actually had). In case of a hero with less than 3 kills in a row, the streak part isn't considered.

- does not depend on enemy gold.
- double/triple kills do not change the values.

Gold Lost

Gold is also lost upon death, equal to his level multiplied by 30 gold. i.e. (30*lvl)

This means that at level one you only lose 30 gold?? And that at level 25 you lose 750! (For obvious reasons you won't lose gold if you don't have any.)

With Bloodstone, you lose less money than usual (with no charges you lose 20% less gold, with 1 or more charges you lose 40% less gold)

Resurrecting Heroes

A dead hero will revive after a period of time equal to his level multiplied by 4 seconds.

Cost of Buyback = 

(150 + [50 * Hero level]) gold

So you need 150G to resurrect lvl1 hero and 1400G to resurrect lvl25 hero.


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