Total Annihilation!!! - Echo Slam

Description: Raigor sends shockwaves shooting through the ground, dealing damage ricocheting to nearby targets for additional damage. Deals 200/275/350 initial damage and 35/45/65 echo damage.

- The initial wave actually deals 165/230/285 damage but each unit is hit by its own echo wave, so it evens out to 200/275/350 damage to a single unit like the spell says. So if you use it at level one with only one enemy unit nearby, it will deal 200 damage. If there are two units, it will deal 235 damage to each of them. If there are three, it will deal 270 to each, and so on.
- Although it does not affect them, Echo Slam bounces off of invisible units, magic-immune units, corpses, and units that are in the process of dying. The fact that it works with corpses is extremely helpful for using Echo Slam with Refresher Orb because you can effectively get the full damage twice even if almost everything died during the first cast.
- The AoE of slam’s initial/actual wave is only 500. The AoE of each echo wave is also 500. So, potentially the spell can damage a unit which is 1000 range away from raigor, but the unit can get hit only by an echo wave. Here’s a pictorial explanation. Open the picture in a new tab/window for better read.

1. Red dotEarthshaker himself. Forms the centre of the spell.
2. Brown dots – Units inside 280 AoE. Receive damage from initial wave, aftershock (3rd skill of Earthshaker) and echo waves within 500 AoE. These units will constitute for more echo waves.
3. Blue dots – Units inside 500 AoE. Receive damage from initial wave and echo waves within 500 AoE but not from aftershock. These units also constitute for more echo waves.
4. Green dots – Units inside 1000 AoE. Receive damage from only echo waves within 500 AoE. These do not constitute for more echo waves.
5. Pink units – Units outside 1000 AoE. These units do not receive any damage.
So it must be clear to you by now that (generally) units inside 280 AoE of echo slam receive maximum damage.

Other points of note:
- The area of effect is calculated right when Echo Slam is cast so if a hero runs out of the AoE after Raigor casts it, the waves will follow the hero out of the area. The same thing also happens with Echo Slam's echo damage.
- Does not damage decrepified units.
- Not blocked by linken’s sphere.
- Deals magical damage which is reduced by spell resistance.
- The initial wave (165/230/285) damages units with Spell Immunity but the echo waves do not.
- The spell has no cast point i.e. it activates immediately.
- The only units not counted for the extra damage are the ones with the Marker ability. [To be discussed in some other post]


    Dude your site is really a handy one. You mention stuff that not even present in many Dota strategy sites. COOL WORK MAN!!
    I really appreciate you work
    Do you take part in any Professional competition?? really seem like one of them!

    Question for you...
    Searing arrow for bone clinkz does physical damage when its on autocast??..I mean when you hit an enemy with a searing arrow it deals more damage right than the normal one...then how come it's physical damage??

  2. Thanks for your appreciation. Yes, I do take part in professional competitions. :)
    Anyways, your answer:
    Searing arrow deals physical damage always... may it be on autocast or may it be an orbwalk attack. It's just that when you fire a searing arrow, the extra damage(10/20/30/40) gets added to your normal attack damage.

    Searing Arrow damage = Normal attack damage + 10/20/30/40.

    It's because of its physical damage type that you can use searing arrows on buildings also. [You can't use other orbs on towers like obsidian's arcane orb or enchantress' impetus and so on...]