MYM Kuroky launches his own blog... Leaves MYM!

Kuroky made some important decisions after returning from Malaysia. He has decided to leave MYM and make his own team. Also, he's positive to write a weekly blog, The True Vision. He states in his blog... (I've highlighted his important statements)

"hey all!
I wanted to start a blog long time ago but thought I am too lazy for this, but for various reasons I decided to stop the lazyness and start writing some interesting stuff (hopefully :D).
The main reasons for starting a blog are my fans, who supported me so much through the years and gave me alot of motivation to keep on playing, the 2nd reason is SMM, where I wanna give some insight from me into this.

First of all, I wanna apologize to all my fans who I disappoint big time, this won't happen again, I will put all my energy into the game now. I did not only fail this time, I felt I played bad the last 6 months, but I promise I will change things now.

About the trip to SMM, it was really awesome. All the teams were so nice to us and the people there seem to have alot of dedication for the game, it was simply the best lan I ever attended. I always thought asian DotA is better than european dota, but I never knew that asian dota is SO MUCH better.
When I started playing solo mid versus mushi in the MYM vs CT showmatch, I realized how bad I am, he simply out cs'd me all the way and I felt like a noob. After playing nearly 6 years of DotA, I thought I can't improve so much anymore - but I was totally wrong, there is still so much for me to improve and that makes me really happy, I feel more motivated than ever and gonna start training alot more for my individual skills again.
When we started playing the tournament, I felt we never really put ourselves together to play our game and got simply rolled by ftz and xlo. They were simply better, we never deserved to come any further than groupstage in my oppinion. It's a nice feeling to get stomped like that, now I know where my limits are and how to extend them.
But hey, atleast MYM > PMS!!! :D

I also met the ehome manager, penny, and talked alot with him. He is a really nice guy and had to share alot of ideas in the game with me. The most interesting part was, when he started complaining about the version. The chinese teams seem to hate the version, because it's a farmer version. I always thought the version was quite balanced, but after watching SMM I realized that DotA is still broken. The best way to win is farming. I was totally amazed watching the finals, I know the score was something like 4/4 after 30minutes but the way they played the game just showed how high their skill is, they simply want to win.
Their teamskill was insane, aside from that their individual skill was just a pleasure to watch, when 2009's sniper stomped sanshengs tinker, I felt he won the game alone for FTD.
I know so much people disagree with me, but please - bring the old dagger back, otherwise DotA will always be dominated by boring heroes with boring farmstyle. It's simply the easiest, safest and best way to win a game, to grab the cash. Nobody gives a fuck if you lose a game by ganking, even though you played amazing, all people remember is the result. They get the title, the money, the fame, I believe and I really fear that most LAN tournaments with big prizemoney will end up having boring finals. If anybody remembers IEM, which FTD won, the endscore was similiar to SMM's. And no, it's not FTD's fault, not at all. They totally deserve the win, I believe they deserve the title best team of the year 2009, they were smarter and better than any other team this year and won it.

Besides that, we scrimmed a bit against ehome and cd, ehome smoked us 4-1 and cd won us 3-2 the other day. I really love ehome's playstyle though, they are absolutely my favorite team and I am happy that penny stole GK's shirt and gave it to me hahaha. I love you penny!!

Too bad fnatic couldn't attend, I believe they had 100x better chance than us to win and represent europe in a better light. Since they attend the china-event now, I am sure they will do much much better than we did, they are actually the best team in europe, go ahead and rock on "fnatic". Nevertheless props to PokerIdol for their awesome performance, also nice people to talk with.

Furthermore I would like to thank some very special people, namely rein, danny and frasier who helped us out ALOT in the whole trip. thank you.

Btw, I decided to leave MYM. It was my decision, most of you probably won't believe it but I decided to leave MYM 2 weeks ago, but I didn't tell them since I didn't want to bring the team down. I have other plans, other goals in the game and I feel I need to go back to my roots, and make a new team. I think most of you won't understand it, but it's very needed for me to grow more as a player. Both parties agreed on this, no hard feelings, we love each other and they will NOT disband, so no worries haha. :)
I would really like to thank them for giving me the chance to go to SMM and to play with them, special thanks to MaNia- and PusHer, great personalities, great humans. I wish you the best, keep on rocking, you will be much stronger without me.

That's it for now, I will try to keep my blog updatet atleast once in a week, depending on how many people are interested into my blog, I will also advertise for my blog haha :D
At last i would really wish, that people stop comparing EU and ASIA, it was only 1 event out of hopefully MANY more in future, if you want dota to get bigger, stop flaming for no reasons, make love not war !

btw, I know the title rocks."

I guess MYM defeat at SMM'09 was totally heartbreaking (at least for me). Anyways, you can check out his blog at