6.66 The 'Satan' is here!

I hope everyone knows 666 is called the "Devil's Number"... dunno if Icefrog set some traps in the map. :P

Roshan is on fire!

Techies courier gets replaced by Nightmare Sheep

This was rather a quick update after 6.65 and I see all changes being welcomed. The best change was in Devour which gives Lucifer a totally new flexible jungle game-play.
Gains the abilities of the target neutral creep has until you devour another creep with abilities to replace it (Changelog)

He is much more fun to play now rather than just the ulti-silence stuff. Even Scorched Earth is much better now... looks like a promising competitive pick.
All changes were nice and don't need separate commenting imo. Good job Icy! :)


  1. I'm sad to have my courier upgraded to crow each time the game starts :P

    Also I think I remembered another secret...

  2. Are you talking about the map size, which is exactly 6.6 Mb?

  3. Manta here, probably I'll just use Google account.

    Anyways forgot about it. I lost my mind.

    Also, the map size is 6921432 bytes, which is about 6759,21 KB, which is about 6,6 MB.