Recovering from Illness :D

Ahh! I'm finally sitting on my computer desk after a long pause of straight 7 days. Got sick a week back and had to consume 3 different type of capsules, 3 different tablets and 2 syrups everyday lying on my bed taking all my energy from a glucose drip, I dunno what more anti-biotic inject-ables doctors kept adding in it ... feeling as if almost dead xD... and finally DEAD, reduced to ashes! But don't worry, I came BACK FROM THE ASHES, coz I'm Phoenix ;P.

Just kidding about the dead part, but yeah, I was severely ill for the 'New Year'. Didn't get the chance to wish you all a Happy New Year - may this year bring you lots of gaming so you can rape-face every other player and Icefrog completes his 'Valve DotA'. Have Fun! :)

And if some noticed, the post on new heroes has been cancelled. :P


  1. ?! what kind of sickness did you get..?

    welcome back anyways !
    happy new year =)

  2. happy new year!

    get well and post some epic replays! :D