players giving paid tutorials!

So, professionals are onto something new in DotA... giving paid tutorials!

From Demon's blog...

Recently, I've received a lot of requests for personal help and private DotA lessons so that I can help you and your team reach your maximum potential.

After teaching several people and talking to a couple of my team members, we've decided to offer private lessons in whatever form requested (Practice 1v1's, Replay Analysis, Theorycrafting, etc.)

Merlini, Kuroky, Demon and Fear will be the ones offering help. This will all be done via Ventrilo/Skype, payments will me made through PayPal.

From Kuroky's blog...

Please write a proper request, leave your msn adress etc. Tell me what specific training and lesson(s) you want for your own interest, so we can maximize the time we spent into the training.
*I editet the irc part out, due to massive amount of requests I couldn't keep a good overview so please write me a mail so I can prepare better if a deal will come up.

I got many people asking me how much I would charge. To give an example, averagely I'd take $20/hour. I will not answer any email that doesn't fulfil the requirements or doesn't  look serious, thanks for your understanding

You can contact for these tutorials at or on mIRC in #nirvana.DotA @ quakenet


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  1. "This will all be done via Ventrilo/Skype, payments will me made through PayPal."

    You'll pay for me?