Counter Strategies

Below are some ugly things you might face in games as well as how to counter them.

1. High Resistance Heroes (Dragon Knight)

Recommended Counters: Obsidian Destroyer (Pure damage), Slithereen Guard/Dazzle (Armour reduction).
Other Counters: Silencer(Pure damage), Witch Doctor(Maledict), Necrolyte(ulti), Chen/Pugna/Undying(Damage Amplifiers)
Item Counters: Desolator, Orchid

2. Invisibility (Rikimaru)

Recommended: Bounty Hunter/Slardar(Track), Zeus(Bolt gives truesight)
Other: Spiritbreaker(charge gives sight), Alchemist(stun gives sight)
Items: Gems, Sentry wards, DoA

3. Mass Disable (Lion, Rhasta)

Recommended: Omniknight(Repel)
Other: Abaddon(Shield)
Items: Black King Bar (Magic Immunity)

4.  Jungling Carry (TerrorBlade)

Recommended: Beastmaster/NerubianAssassin(solo ganking)
Other: PotM/Spectre(Semi-scouting/Semi-solo ganking), Lion/Lina/Leshrac (semi-solo ganking), Luna/Juggernaut(Ganking carry)
Items: Warding jungle area

5. Buffed Carries (Omniknight)

Recommended: Medusa/ImageHeroes going for diffusal(Purge)
Optional: Chen/Enchantress(Purge by controlled creep), Mangix(Split's semi purge)
Items: Diffusal Blade(Purge), HotD(Control purge creep)

6. Mass Ganking (Beastmaster, Vengeful, Zeus)

Recommended: Weaver(Watchers), Beastmaster(Scout), Treant(Eyes), PotM/Chen(Helping with ulti)
Optional: Furion/PitLord(Teleport when needed)
Items: TeleportScrolls, Observer wards

7. Strong Summons (Warlock)

Recommended: Obsidian Destroyer(Orbs bonus damage), Medusa (Purge)
Optional: Chen/Enchantress(Convert strong summons like beastmaster's pig and neutrals), Earthshaker(more summons, more damage)
Items: HotD

8. Mass nukes (Puck)

Recommended: Omniknight(Repel), Pugna(Nether Ward), Storm Spirit(Barrier)
Optional: AntiMage(Shield)
Items: HoodOfDefiance(Damage Reduction), BlackKingBar(Avatar), Bracers/Str.Treads (more hp).


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