Facts on Experience

What is experience? It's the sole thing that levels up heroes making them stronger and unlocks new skill points to use. Some crucial points on experience:
- Experience is given in a 1000 AoE from the unit that was killed. This means that an assist has nothing to do with the experienced gain. This also means that if you were in 1000 AoE but did not contribute/assist in the kill, you still get experience.
- Experience is sharely evenly among all allied heroes within that 1000 AoE.
- Buildings (except fountain) give 25 experience when destroyed.
- Using the Bloodstone Item will give you experience in the area in which you died until you revive.
- Chen's dominated creeps will give regular Neutral Creep experience values, but if those creeps are Enchanted or Dominated via HotD, then their experience values will decrease.
- Getting experience depends on the location of your hero. So, killing a hero with Zeus' ulti will not give you experience unless you were in 1000 range of the killed hero.
- Your summons or dominated creeps or anything excluding your hero do not help in gaining experience in any possible way.

Now a special mention to DENYING. Denying refers to when you kill your own creep or building, to deny the enemy of getting experience as well as gold. Why is this important? Because if you constantly deny your enemy of experience, you'll end up at a higher level then them and you'll probably have more gold as well. Now on to the actual mechanics of "denying."
- A denied unit grants (36/n)% experience for melee heroes and (18/n)% for ranged heroes, where n is the number of heroes within a 1000 AoE.
- Player owned units do NOT grant any experience, when denied.
- Skills of denying such as Death Pact (Bone Clinkz), Dark Ritual(Lich) and Conversion(Enigma) will not grant experience to the enemy at all.


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