Diffusal Blade - The new agility favourite

With the recent buff to manta style and nerf to lothars edge, diffusal blade has become the new agility favourite. Some important points that one should know about diffusal:-


- Unlike magina's manaburn (which deals 0.6 damage per mana point burnt), diffusal feedback deals 1 damage per point of mana burnt. Damage dealt is physical (i.e. reduced by armor). So by calculations, each hit will deal 20 extra damage. (This will not apply if enemy's complete mana is burnt to 0 i.e. no extra damage after burning all of enemy's mana.)


- Slows by a factor of 5, affected units recover their speed gradually. Allied units are not slowed.
- Purge lasts 4 seconds. [Updated for version 6.58]
- Range is 600. Cooldown time is 12 secs.
- Unlike Medusa's purge, diffusal purge is not able to target magic immune units except Omniknight's Repel.
- deals 99999 damage to summoned units.
- Purge is able to dispel certain buffs off both allied and enemy units. I will be producing a list of these shortly.


  1. aren't there exceptions to the purge damage, like sylla's bear and warlocks' infernal?

  2. Sylla's bear makes an exception here. It does not receive any damage from purge. I'm not sure about the actual reason till now but I think it has been coded such way to avoid damage to druid hero while using One[Skill].
    Infernal is not an exception and gets insta-killed by a diffusal purge.
    Also, now in the new version 6.58, the diffusal purge lasts 4 seconds on all units.