Dispersion - The Devastating skill

What is dispersion? It is Spectre's skill to reduce and cause any damage taken by her to be reflected onto all enemies in a 1000 AoE. Now the mechanics part:
- With level 4 Dispersion, Mercurial receives only 80% of the physical, piercing, and magical damage she takes.
- Dispersion damage is Pure and every enemy unit in the AoE is damaged for the percentage.This is what makes dispersion a devastating skill.
- Dispersed damage depends the damage you receive i.e. armor, damage block and spell resistance would reduce the amount of damage that would be returned.
Let me explain: Suppose an enemy hits you with 500 physical damage (normal attack). You have fully leveled dispersion means you would receive 80% damage. Your armor gives you 40% reduction. Then the damage you receive = 0.8*[0.6*500] = 240 and the damage you disperse = 0.2*[0.6*500] = 60 pure damage and not 0.2*500= 100 pure damage. This means every enemy in 1000 AoE will get 60 pure damage. The same applies for spell resistance and damage block. This is the reason items like stout shield/vanguard, butterfly, chainmail/platemail/armor items are not preferred on spectre.
- 2 to 3000 damage can be dispersed. This means it would not disperse a killing blow by culling blade (Axe) (which deals 100,000,000 damage).
- dispersion damage is blocked by magical immunity.


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