Dodge - Ways, Effects & Stacking

To dodge an attack is to negate the attack/damage, or say to take no damage from the effort.

Ways to Dodge

1. Evasion - Evasion is an ability that provides a dodge chance for the owner of the ability.
- Evasion comes from items like The Butterfly and Radiance, and skills like Jinada (Bounty Hunter), Drunken Brawler (Panda), Blur (Phantom Assassin), and Phantom Edge (Phantom Lancer).
- Evasion does not stack with other sources of Evasion. The highest source of Evasion overrides all other sources of Evasion. So if Phantom Assassin with 4 levels of Blur (28% Evasion) obtains a Radiance (8% Evasion), she will have 28% chance for Evasion. If she obtains a Radiance (8% Evasion) and The Butterfly (30% Evasion), she will have 30% chance for Evasion. Evasion only works against normal attacks.

2. Miss - Miss is typically a debuff on the opponent which causes them to miss.
- This comes from spells like Smoke Screen (Stealth Assassin), Laser (Tinker), Blind (Troll), Drunken Haze (Panda), Incapacitating Bite (Spider), and Crippling Fear (Night Stalker). Laser, Drunken Haze, Incapacitating Bite, and Crippling Fear do not stack with each other, but they will stack with Smoke Screen and Blind. Miss only works against normal attacks.

3. Terrain Advantage - The 3rd type Dodge chance to miss is Terrain Advantage. Terrain Advantage occurs when a ranged attacker attacks uphill. Currently, this is a 25% chance to miss. Terrain Advantage only works for normal, ranged attacks.

4. Pseudo evasion - Pseudo-Evasion is an triggered evasion mechanism that uses code to heal a unit for the damage taken and works against all attacks and abilties as long as the damage taken is less than the recieving unit's max hp. This form of evasion stacks with itself.
- If a unit has two forms of Pseudo-Evasion and both execute, the unit will be healed for the damage taken (Damaged Once, Healed Twice).
- Two examples of this skill are Void's backtrack and Spectre's dispersion. More to be discussed in some other post.

Stacking Dodge

The way to calculate your total chance to Dodge damage is

P = 1 - (1 - E) * (1 - M) * (1 - T1) * (1 - T2)
P is your Probability to Dodge damage,
E is your chance for Evasion,
M is your opponent's chance to Miss,
T1 is your opponent's chance to "miss" due to Terrain disadvantage and
T2 is your chance to avoid damage due to Triggered Evasion.

Each of the four factors (Evasion, Miss, Terrain, and Triggered) work independently of each other. As such, a source of Evasion will always stack diminishingly with a source of Miss or Triggered.

Effects of Dodge

If you dodge an attack, many attack modifiers will not work on the attack. For Triggered Dodge, however, it is different. On a dodged attack (not dodged by Triggers)...

* Cleave will not take effect
* Lifesteal will not take effect
* No attack damage will be dealt
* Bash will not take effect
* Pre-attack effects will work (eg. Craggy Exterior, Counter Helix and Return)
* Orb Effects will not take effect
* Buffs will not be placed

Post inspired from DA-wiki.


  1. is Necrolite's (not sure of the name, the flying bird) skill counted as a Pseudo evasion???

  2. Yes, Gravekeeper's Cloak [Visage/Necro'lic] is also a form of pseudo-evasion. In the current version [6.58], only 9 skills/ 8 heroes have pseudo evasion:
    1. Craggy Exterior [Tiny]
    2. Backrack [Void]
    3. Dispersion [Spectre]
    4. Gravekeeper's Cloak [Visage]
    5. Bristleback [BB]
    6. Aphotic Shield [Abaddon]
    7. Borrowed Time [Abaddon]
    8. Refraction [Lanaya]
    9. Shallow Grave [Dazzle]

  3. "... as long as the damage taken is less than the recieving unit's max hp"

    so if someone has 1000 hp and you were morty and critted for 1.5k or something, you'd kill them even if they had shallow grave?

    interesting lol

  4. Thats exactly what I'm trying to say. For any of the Heal type Triggered Dodges, if an incoming attack deals more damage than the receiving hero's maximum HP, the hero will die. This even applies to Shallow Grave, regardless of what the tooltip says.

  5. so let's say abaddon's ult goes off... when damage is dealt the net effect is that abaddon is healed for that damage. im' guessing this means that he is damaged once healed twice kind of thing?

    what if he has sheield as well? is he damaged once, healed three times?

    also, will you be discussing forms of evasion liiiike.. using blink before a missile hits you, or moving far away from a melee attack after the attack is initiated?

    sorry for all the questions, btw your blog is great i check it every day haha

  6. You got the point about Abaddon's borrowed time. He gets damaged once healed twice.

    No, Aphotic does nothing during borrowed time. So you only get healed once by borrowed and after it aphotic works again.

    Well, I will keep in the back of my mind to write on such evasions/escapes.

    Thanks for the appreciation. Spread the word of this blog to your friends if you like it.