The Mass Murderer - Lich [Chain Frost]

Description: bla bla bla... releases a jumping breath of frost that jumps 7 times (8 times with Aghanim's Scepter). Deals 280/370/460 damage(370/460/550 with sceptre) per hit.

Using this skill: This is a potential double/triple kill skill. The best situation when you can use this skill is when you form a triangle with enemy heroes i.e. just two enemy heroes close enough to make chain frost bounce ensuring a double kill. The skill is generally used after a mass AoE nuke (like Earthshaker's EchoSlam) that wipes out all enemy creeps.

Skill Mechanics
: Important points:
- Slows movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 20%. [unstackable by subsequent frost novas]
- The first target unit is set to sleep for 0.01 seconds [So you hear a sleep sound when this skill is cast]. This acts similarly like ministuns since it interrupts channeling spells. The sleep is not blocked by magic immunity.
- I bet most of you didn't know this... The casting range of chain frost is 750 which increases to 850 with Aghanim.
- Does not bounce to mechanical units.
- Technically, the frost orb does not bounce from unit to unit, but from "unit" to "unit location". That is, on each bounce, the orb is launched from right where the previous unit is, but it does not follow the target. Instead, it simply travels to the point where the target unit is when the orb is launched, and Frost Novas the target unit when it reaches the location, regardless of where the target unit actually is. [So a blink/522ms won't help you escape a frost orb if its coming for you]
- Chain Frost needs sight of the target to bounce to it, so casting it into fog of war isn't a good idea.
- Linkens Sphere can block a maximum of one hit from chain frost. The bounces will still continue.
- The slow can't be removed by Purge.
- Chain Frost deals Magical damage which is reduced by the target's Spell Resistance.
- Chain Frost bounces to nearby spell immune units but doesn't deal any damage.


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