Last Month's Did u Know?

[1] (Mangix) If all 3 Primal Split pandas are killed, it will count as a suicide.
[2] Bashes from Cranium Basher and ministun from MKB do not stack. An MKB ministun cancels Bash.
[3] Images/Illusions do not benefit from buffs such as empower or aura such as command aura. However, they do get the visual changes.
[4] (Lucifer) Doom goes through magic immunity (both silence and damage).
[5] (Knight Davion) The extra damage from Corrosive Breath (20 damage/sec for 5 secs) is unreduced for buildings. This also means it will do the same damage even with glyph activated.
[6] (Juggernaut) With blade dance fully leveled, there cannot be more than 6 subsequent attacks without scoring a critical. [Based on Pseudo Random Distribution]
[7] Evasion does NOT stack. Only the highest evasion from item/skill is taken into account.
[8] (Venomancer) Poison Nova cannot kill units.
[9] (Undying) Extra damage from plague is unreduced.
[10] Images do not gain feedback skill from diffusal blade if it is at 0 charge. This can however be changed by re-picking the item.
[11] (Krobelus) Exorcism spirits heal Krobelus for 25% of the damage they dealt with a cap of 1000 heal.
[12] (Axe) Berserker's Call hits magic immune units.
[13] (Geomancer) Earthbind now does not work on magic immune units.
[14] (Neubian Weaver) Shukuchi increases movement speed by 1000% and cannot be brought below 522 practically.
[15] (Dazzle) Level 3 and 4 Poison touch has a 1 sec stun at the end of the spell.
[16] (Terrorblade) Sunder can be used on images.
[17] There is a 0.52 sec airtime involved with all kind of impales (Lion/NA/Tidehunter/Crixalis). Therefore, the actual disable time of an impale is 0.52 secs more than the actual mentioned duration.
[18] The resale value of a diffusal blade depends on the number of purge charges left on it. This means if you decide to sell a diffusal after using all its charges, you will sell it for 0 gold.
[19] When you die, you lose gold equal to 30 times your current level. The gold lost reduces if you have a bloodstone in your inventory.
[20] You can lose tower aggro by issuing attack to an allied unit.
[21] Attack range of a tower is 700 but its true sight range is 800.
[22] (Tidehunter) Anchor Smash has a full damage radius of 200 and half damage radius of 325.
[23] (Syllabear) Once entangled, the probability of subsequent entangles is much more than 20%.
[24] (Pugna) Using Lifedrain on a Decrepifed unit will deal more damage, as well as drain more hitpoints.
[25] Both The World Tree and The Frozen Throne have a 900 AoE true sight.
[26] Shallow Grave (Dazzle) would not save you from Culling Blade killing blow (Axe).
[27] Pudge can hook invulnerable enemies.
[28] Sentinel Towers have a 750 range motion buffer. Once an attack is started, the target unit could then move up to 750 range out of the tower attack range and the attack would still go off.
[29] Abaddon can use Death Coil to deny himself.
[30] (Atropos) Brain Sap deals pure damage.
[31] The revival time of a dead hero equals 4 times his level.



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