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Updated: March 27, 2009

This spell can be casted by the use of Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse or by the two heroes - Lion and Rhasta via the skill Voodoo. Both are more or less the same but note that the cast range of hex via guinsoo is 600 while of Voodoo is 500. I'm not going to talk about the duration of hex or cooldown of the spell but about what are the characteristics of a hexed unit.

If I do miss some point please mention it in the comments. I'll be highly delighted.

The Critters:
Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse will always transform the affected unit into a Sheep or Flying Sheep (if a hovering or flying unit). Rhasta's Voodoo and Lion's Voodoo will transform the target into any of the following critters at random:

Ground Critters
o Crab
o Frog
o Hermit Crab
o Pig
o Rabbit
o Raccoon
o Rat
o Seal
o Sheep

Aerial Critters (Seen only when real flying units like hawk is voodooed... not hovering units like Knight Davion in Dragon Form or Twin Head Dragon and so on...)

o Albatross
o Snowy Owl
o Vulture

Things that do not change for a hexed unit:
* Has the same amount and type of armor, the same amount of Health, Mana, Regeneration, Magic Reduction, and still have some passive skills.
* Magic resistance is not affected by hex.
* Skills unaffected by Hex:
- Axe's Counter Helix.
- Tiny's Craggy Exterior.
- Damage return abilities (Such as Centaur Warchief's Return and Nerubian Assassin's Spiked Carapace).
- Abaddon's Borrowed Time removes hex disable.
- Bristleback passive works.
- A metamorphed Lycanthrope hex has 522 ms whatsoever.
* Keeps all auras.
* Keeps all buffs/debuffs.

What a hexed unit loses:
* Can't attack or cast spells.
* Will not gain experience.
* Has its base Movement Speed reduced to 100.
* Can't use items.
* Can't deactivate De/activate abilities such as Pudge's Rot or Armlet of Mordiggian's Unholy Strength.
* Hex disables Radiance.
* Has damage reduction abilities like Kraken Shell and Vanguard disabled.
* Has all channeling spells interrupted.
* Passive abilities disabled by Hex:
- Evasion (except Pseudo-Evasion).
- Rikimaru's Permament Invisibilty.
- Broodmother's invisibility in the web.

Other interesting facts about hex/voodoo:
* Hex freezes the duration of morph skills, like Alchemist's Chemical Rage.
* Infernals cannot be hexed.
* If you sheep Spiritbreaker just after he uses his ultimate on you, it will not stop him, and you will be damaged and bashed back by a menacing sheep.
* When the mode -mi (Mini Heroes) is activated and a Hero gets hexed, when it returns to normal, they will have normal model size until they die.
* If Morphling Replicate a hexed unit, he gets a controllable critter. Same applies for Wall of Replica (Dark Seer).
* If Nerubian Weaver with activated Shukuchi is hexed, he will still have max Movement Speed.(Actually if you can slow the 1000% increased movement speed then the weaver won't run at maximum ms. Practically, weaver will move at max ms.)
* A hexed Bane Elemental has purple colour, Nevermore black, Viper green, and Lich blue. :D lolz. This happens because those hero models have been tinted.
* If Tormented Soul with Pulse Nova is hexed, the skill won't damage as well as won't consume mana for the duration. Same for Pudge's rot.
* A hexed flying unit will be transformed into a flying critter.
* If Witch Doctor with activated Healing Aura, he will lose mana but wont regenerate hp, even after Hex. It will have to be deactivated and reactivated to start the HP regen again.
* If hex is casted on an illusion/summoned unit, it will be immediately destroyed (won't affect permanent summons like Syllabear's Spirit Bear).
# Hex can be blocked by Linken's Sphere.
# Purge removes Hex status.

- Added aerial critters.

Special thanks to antiweltteilchen.
Source DAWiki.

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