OMG!!! Where did he go??? (Fog Updates)

Hello my lovely readers, I'm back from my busy schedule. Thanks for sticking with me and your wonderful support for the blog. You all must've already read about the release of 6.59d in 1-2 days at icefrog's blog... so, that means 6.60 would not be released soon. Anyways, let us continue with more dotasecrets... ;)

Thanks to Robzor at Dota-Allstars for this post...

In Warcraft3, there is a global "fog update constant" of 0.4 secs. The fog in Warcraft3 updates at regular intervals of 0.4 seconds, this means that when you move somewhere you may or may not gain vision in new areas (fog) until the 0.4 second interval is reached. This has three significances....

1. Many AoE spells like QoP's Scream of Pain, Earthshaker's echo slam, etc. do not damage units in fog. An example situation would be this case mDREAMm encountered where he blinked into a group of enemies with Earthshaker and used Echo Slam instantly, however, because he had not yet gained vision of the enemies none of them were hit by it. So, the next time you blink amongst enemies to use spells, try to make sure they are visible when you cast the spell.

2. Okay, so most people think that vision is always two sided i.e. if you can see me then I can also see you. WRONG! This is one of the reasons why escaping via teleport between trees is a very common technique. See the picture below:

In the above picture, warlock uses the advantage of fog between trees to teleport out of danger. The interesting point is that, even though warlock had the vision of both the enemies, the enemies wouldn't even see how warlock escaped! See the picture below,
3. This constant also applies to reappearance of fog in an area which you leave. So when running somewhere, you generally you have a longer vision at your back than at your front.

Keep the nice ideas coming... love you all.


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