Heroes that kicked ass in 6.64!

As most of you would be aware, Icefrog has indicated release of v6.65 near around Christmas,

so I thought why not compile a list of heroes that hit the spotlight in the current scene? After all, this was one version where I can say we witnessed games of many unforeseen heroes, whatever be the reasons. Don't believe me? Let's have a look...

Heroes that dominated the scene

Vengeful Spirit

First pick of every game? At least in Europe she was. She proved useful in several different strats. Need a baby-sitter? Pick Venge. Need a tri-laner? Pick Venge. Need someone to enhance negative armor strats? Pick Venge. Forget about being a part of a strat, swap is game breaking even at later stages of the game. She was undoubtedly the most picked hero in this era.


This hero rose from just being a situational pick to every game ban with just two changes to fire panda: its move speed and the fact that it deals hero damage. It's just a matter of him splitting and all enemies go like "Run for your life! Fire Panda on the loose." I hope no one will be surprised when we see him nerfed in the next version! I would rather be surprised if he's not! o.O

Dark Seer

Choose one: Permaban or Permarape. I don't have the exact statistics but he was another hero beside Mangix who brought teams into auto-win situation. His marvellous ability to jungle and gank at early levels with monstrous damage is unparalleled, leave aside his ability to save allies' ass.


Arguably the most unexpected dominating pick of this version. The prime target of comics to make fun off earlier, after receiving numerous buffs by Icefrog, finally saw the divine light of Competitive Dota. Sniper proved out to be one of the most effective component of turtling strategies as well as a counter to few heroes dominating the scene like Rhasta, Atropos, etc. Farming is easy being ranged, just make manta and the enemy finds three heroes shooting from out of their screens. :P

Picks of the SMM

The tournament infamous for sleeping spectators proved out to the world that defensive farming is the most secure way to win matches. Carries namely Medusa, Phantom Lancer, Spectre, Visage and Lightning Revenant, that could tank later in the game were most picked in this tournament with Vanguard as their favorite first item. Many dotaters cursed this version after SMM, for being so carry friendly. Anyways, hoping that Icefrog takes care of everything in the awaited version. :)

Who got scrapped?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, 6.64 scrapped all 'tanks' namely Dirge, Bristleback, etc. There were other heroes too, but lets stick to the discussion and talk about heroes that shined.

Player Specific heroes that kicked ass!

Mushi's Lanaya & Ursa

Mushi was the person who set out the trend for two heroes - Lanaya and Ursa. Lanaya paved way for the viability of two strats, armor reduction and tri-laning, became the 'map-hacker' of the version just like Visage was a few versions ago.
Roshan's nightmare and pubber's dream came true with Ursa! Again, Mushi became the trend setter proving out Ursa's usefulness to the professional world. Burst Physical Damage became much more recognized in ganking line-ups.

Angel's Storm

Storm proved out his worth in European games especially at the hands of MYM|Angel. The changes in bloodstone proved out to be a boon for this hero. Now either pick full time disablers like Rhasta and Atropos or get ready to face the wrath of an unkillable machine.

Mania's Sand King and Misery's PotM were also mentioned quite sometimes.

There are some other heroes too but these are the cream of the crop. The usage of some of these heroes has dropped after SMM, after which all teams are going for defensive farming. Perhaps we'll see more gank style games in upcoming versions. Lets hope for the best! :D


  1. Wow, excellent post! Thanks for writing this up - I'm a casual pubber that sporadically has interest in what is happening on the competitive scene, so these kinds of summaries are awesome to read.

  2. Thanks. :)
    I hope to write more interesting stuffs in the coming future.