My predictions for 6.65

Well, 6.65 is to be released soon and I'm expecting quite a lot of changes in this version. Even though there's no assurance even one of the following changes would be seen but nevertheless, THESE SHOULD BE CHANGED. One should also note that what I'm writing are the expected changes while Icefrog's actually planning to surprise us with Christmas gifts. :P

Where will she fit in the 6.65 load-screen?


The things mentioned in this post are just my predictions. Anything may or may not come true.

End the Turtling era

SMM'09 came as a nightmare for me and taught every pro in the world how to go 'win win' situation in the 6.64 era, defensively farming. Honestly, this turtling thing should come to an end and dota should become a more spectator friendly game. It is the best thing that can happen to this game currently. My best bet would be nerf of defensive/tanking items like Vanguard, Hood/Pipe, etc., solving the mass tp problem as stated by Kuroky and maybe a small vision nerf to observer wards.

Pubs will galore with Night Crawler

One doesn't need to be a Dota expert to know this. New heroes become an instant hit in pubs and this one's rather Icefrog's Christmas Agility gift! The player with fastest clicking rate or the server will pick him, and it's inevitable for a hero who remains invisible while hitting to own the pubs like hell.
Now, there are high chances more pubbers would start using true sight items leading to downfall of other invisibility heroes like Riki, Gondar, etc. This means true sight is going to be nerfed so that pub invisibility heroes don't lose their ground.

Comeback of the Tanks

I'm sure Icefrog has noticed the silent disappearance of Dirge, Bristleback and other tank heroes from this version and will come up with some idea to re-balance the situation... probably a buff to Heart of Tarrasque.

Which heroes and what items will get nerfed?

Visage - Now that Icefrog's asking for suggestions, its obvious.
Mangix - "IMBA" of the version?
Vanguard, Hood & Pipe - Stated earlier.
Vision/true vision giving items - Stated earlier. Due to this I'm also expecting some Nerubian Weaver action. :)

Which heroes and what items will get buffed?

Tauren - The permaban of one version becomes an outcast in another. lol? He's not bad but needs just a tick to come along.
Force Staff - Never really used anywhere.

We all know Dota is very far away from attaining utopia. Icefrog always says he wants to make all strats viable for winning the game.

I want players to always feel there is a lot to improve upon and to encourage situations where a player is rewarded when he is able to make better decisions than his opponent, which is something I think even non-competitive players value.

Let's see how far he reaches his goals with this major update. (and how far he surprises us with his Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas! :D )


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