XMas to come with 2 bangs! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! :D

Yes, It's Christmas ! Time to enjoy, wait for Santa Icefrog and get loads of gifts heroes maps updates surprises! It's also the time to show dotaters that you are beyond godlike! So play dota with all your friends, enemies & unknowns and show them Who's their Daddy? ;)

As I mentioned in my previous post,
"Icefrog's actually planning to surprise us with Christmas gifts
the wait is almost over as Icefrog has given his statement,
"All set now, thanks for everyone's input
and gift unpacking has already begun. Everyone was thinking there would 1 new hero in 6.65 but it turns out there are two of them! :D

Hero No #1

Hero No #2

To view these pictures on the official dota download website, open getdota and refresh the page several times (press F5 key several times after opening the website) and you get two pictures one after the another for the two new 'Challengers' of 6.65. xD

Besides these, Icefrog posted another teaser on official dota website playdota, mentioning and asking when did he release a previous video teaser.
"I had this video up replacing getdota.com right before a map release a long time ago, anyone remember which version that was?

This video was released by Icefrog as a 6.50 teaser. We'll have to wait and watch he plans this time.

Let's hope he doesn't surprise us by not releasing 6.65 this Christmas! Or maybe he'll just skip 6.65 and post 6.66 directly. lol, can't help thinking about the surprises. Icefrog, you're a devil when it comes to teasing. :)


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