Mana Bars!

A Warcraft tool by Lynn that allows you to see mana bars along with health bars.
I used this tool in a few LAN games and worked out fine. It really helps when you're Anti-Mage or Nerubian Assassin. However, many people reported that this causes Warcraft to crash when playing on Garena & B.Net and many tournaments might ban use of this tool as it provides you with an advantage over the enemy. So I wouldn't suggest using this on Garena & B.Net at the moment. It's worth trying on LAN anyways.

Download Link
ManaBars 1.4
Release Date: March 23, 2010

After extracting the files from the zip folder, run the program and Warcraft III in whatever order. :)
Note: If you disable "Show HP Bars" option in Warcraft 3, the manabars will also disable.

I hope Blizzard implements this tool in warcraft next patch.



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