Take Pride in playing Dota!

One of the most motivating posts on playing computer games by team OK player Drayich. Must read for all devoted gamers. Read his complete post or continue reading with the major points covered. My views are inside this post. :)

I can see alot of people around stating dota is just a dumb computer game, something you wouldnt do when you grow older, yet they give this game hours and hours of effort everyday. For me that sounds really destructive.
Yeah, Dota is just a computergame. Like boule is just boule or collecting stamp is just stamps. But whatever hobby you choose to do, its still a hobby, and if you didnt know it i can tell you now, hobbies are very important.
Why do we undermine the fact that we really have something that we like to do. We enjoy it, it makes us emotional, perhaps it even makes us better at english and provides us with faster reactions. But it makes us happy. Thats the key.
The major reason to why gamers still are considered nerds is simply because they have no pride in what they do. They undermine and shut down discussions about gaming when they talk to girls or parents. Seeing it as just something that you do cause you have nothing better in your life to do. 
Take pride in it, and who knows maybe next time you get a girlfriend you dont have to stop playing. Because you told her from the beginning that even so she's beautifiul and really nice, there is just something special about charging up a alchemist stun and getting firstblood. She'll understand, if she loves you!

Although I'm pretty satisfied with what Dray wrote, there are a few points that don't go down my throat. First and foremost, people who think Dota is just a dumb computer game DO NOT give spend hours and hours on it daily.

Secondly, sharing gaming stuff with girl friend is okay but sometimes it's much more difficult when it comes to parents. Why? Because one can CHOOSE his girl friend but there is no alternative when it comes to parents. It can be really difficult for a player to share his feelings or feel proud gaming if his/her parents refuse to accept the fact that their child is a gamer or he spends most of his time playing computer games.


  1. cannot agree more :)

  2. Yeah, truly..
    Some people think playing DotA is just a waste of time but i really don't give a damn bout what they want to say. All I do care is that i LOVE this game (my girlfriend 1St) more than anything in the world!!
    Whenever i play, i feel alive. Most importantly, i get to know a lot of people from all around the world n befriends them, sharing thoughts, suggestions, and ETC...
    What's important is that it's yours to decide, what you want to do, and what you want to play. My friends who don't play DotA once say, "..So boring that game. Always repeat the same thing over and over.It's much better if you play Plants VS Zombies.." Well, i answered him back. " oh? So playing Plants VS Zombies does'nt take you to repeat the game? I always see u play the endless streak over and over and when the zombies eat your brain, you'd start right from zero.." and he got nothing to say after that.
    (btw, my girlfriend does not mind me being a gamer coz she too is a gamer ^_^V)

  3. Nice one there hidekihyde. But make sure your friend doesn't feel too bad over such discussions. :| Also, you're one lucky guy to get a gamer girl friend :D

  4. True yo. DotA made me really close with my eldest brother. It's the strongest hobby we can share :)